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DONATE NOW : The Break Up Exhibition 2019 - Item Collection [Accepting first 100 items]

We are proud to announce that this will be the second time Sunway University, through Sunway Psychology Club will be hosting The Break Up Exhibition! We strive to help and support the emotional collapse through unique and creative approach to share and explore hidden feelings and experiences.

What is the purpose of this project?
The Break Up Exhibition aims to assist individuals who have faced difficulties within relationships, regardless of it being romantic relationship, close friendships, family feuds or even with your beloved pets. Through our project, we aspire to cognizance that no one has to suffer and carry their burdens of painful memories alone, that the world is not against them. In point of fact, there are also other individuals going through similar problems. We hope to assist individuals in overcoming these issues by looking forward to a positive outcome.

What will happen to me if I take part?
You would need to donate an item that was once significant to your previous relationship, along with a short story of no more than 200 words related to the item and the relationship. We believe that with this gesture you would be able to decide that the item has served its purpose and you are ready to let go and move on from the relationship by sharing your story. Your story and item will be displayed  for public viewing at our exhibition anonymously. Rest assured your personal details will not be displayed and kept confidential. Submissions for this exhibition is open to everyone regardless of age or gender; and it’s open worldwide. 

2 simple steps to donate items
  1. Fill in the form [You need to sign in to Google]
  2. Hand over the item through Booths or Recruiters. 
Booths - our team will be setting up booths at Sunway University's foyer, from 10 am to 4 pm. The following dates are stated below:
  • 27 June, 28 June
  • 5 July, 26 July
  • 8 August, 9 August, 22 August, 23 August
  • 5 Sept, 6 Sept, 12 Sept, 13 Sept
** Recruiters are the members of our team - mainly Sunway University staffs and students. In the event of doubt, please refer to this page for more information about our official recruiter.

What kind of items can I donate? What do I need to know if I have decided to donate?
1) The size of the item is preferably to not exceed the size of an A3 paper. Extremely fragile, large or valuable items (e.g: grand piano, huge teddy bear, iPhone, ring, etc) will NOT be accepted.

2) The item should be in a hygienic condition.

3) Items that are in the food and beverage category will NOT be accepted.

4) Living organisms (e.g: pets) will NOT be accepted.

5) Prohibited items (e.g: drugs) will NOT be accepted.

6) Luxurious items (e.g electronics, jewelries) will NOT be accepted.

7) You should bear in mind that donating the item is voluntary, without any coercion nor regret after the donation. Items donated will NOT be returned.

8) Items collected should not pose any hazards to any parties.

9) Not all item will be displayed during the exhibition.

WARNING : It is illegal to donate any item(s) that are against the law of Malaysia.

What are the possible benefits of taking part?
If you decide to take part, there may not be any direct benefits. However, it would be highly beneficial to us as a community to gather and acquire resources that may help solve problems in relationships as well as reducing emotional distress. This will also help engage the general public to cultivate empathy and sympathy and to immerse in the world depicted by you that may provide crucial clues on how to improve their own personal relationships. By participating in this project wherein you are required to write a story which will serve as a self-reflection on yourself and where the root of your existing problems of your past relationships are able to reach its solutions and serve as crucial references towards your future relationships, so that you will have a better understanding on establishing and maintaining current and future relationships as well.

Who has reviewed the project?
This project has been reviewed by the chair of Research Ethics Committee. If you have any concerns about the way this project is being conducted, please contact the committee through the Chair of Research Ethics Committee of Department of Psychology (03-7491 822 ext. 7112). Any issues you raise will be treated in confidence and will be investigated, you will be informed of the outcome.

Publication Your stories and items may be published in the media or book. The organizer reserves the right to publish and or edit the story.

Contact for Further Inquiries Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or queries about this project. Contact details are stated below:

Serina Tham - 012-3226329 or

Dr. Eliza Berezina:

**The event is scheduled to take place tentatively during October 3-5 at Sunway University

Previous exhibition
1. Sunway University -

2. Sunway Echo Media -

3. Harian Metro -

4. Bang Yao - Past President -


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